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ItsukiKenko™️ Organic Detox Foot Patches (10 Pieces)

ItsukiKenko™️ Organic Detox Foot Patches (10 Pieces)

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In the Basic Japanese Medical Theory, the sole is also known as "the second heart", which means that it is the center for important parts of the body, especially the blood circulation.

ItsukiKenko™️ uses the principle of foot reflexology, in which the reflex zones in the feet correspond with glands, organs and other parts of the body. By stimulating these reflexes in the right way, health problems can be overcome in a natural way.

Advantages of ItsukiKenko™️ Organic Patch: Helps get rid of moisture and cold, promotes blood circulation, warms & cleans feet and improves sleep quality.

Pure Natural Ingredients: Natural extracts like tourmaline, bamboo charcoal, lisianthus, bamboo vinegar. As we all know, bamboo vinegar can remove foot odor and athlete's foot. Tourmaline can remove chills and foot odour, stimulate the body system and blood circulation, relieve hip and shoulder pain, improve the skin, reduce stress and eliminate tiredness.

Easy to use: The application is simple! You can let the ItsukiKenko™️ Bio Detox foot patch work while you sleep. And wake up the next morning with the health benefits. Usually the patches take 6 - 8 hours to be fully absorbed. Suitable for men, women, the elderly and children over three years of age.

Our mission is ItsukiKenko™️ : For 17 years we have been working on just this one thing! A team of experienced Japanese researchers has worked out how we can improve our health by extracting pure natural plants. They discovered the advantages of bamboo, which can absorb large amounts of ground water. Mixed with vinegar and other natural ingredients.

Application: Use every night for full effect for the first two weeks. Thereafter 1-2 times per week.

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1 x ItsukiKenko™️ Organic Detox Foot Patches (10 Pieces)

Most customers buy 3 boxes or more (for the long term effect).