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FreedomBra™️ The Invisible Uplift (Pair)

FreedomBra™️ The Invisible Uplift (Pair)

White Leopard
Brown Leopard
Flower patterns
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Time To Free Yourself From Traditional Bras!

A growing community of women are DITCHING the traditional bra for strong reasons.

A long running study by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon has concluded bras weaken the chest muscles, resulting in sagging breasts over time.

Ill-fitting bras cause a variety of issues, such as poor circulation and poor lympathic drainage.

We Got The Solution!

Widely acclaimed as the most innovative bra design of the last 100 years, the FreedomBra™️ PREVENTS BREASTS FROM SAGGING,gives them a big lift-up, strengthens the muscles and counteracts a number of breast-related health issues.
Have Your Breasts Lifted & Shaped For A Naturally Perky Look!
The FreedomBra™️ is made out of medical grade silicone adhesive and is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Unlike other inferior materials which would easily slip down and irritate the skin, our FreedomBra™️ STICKS ON PERFECTLY without causing pain, providing you an unprecedented experience.

Customizable To Fit!
You can cut them to fit your clothing. For example, just cut the ears if you have an off-shoulder gown. INVISIBLE UNDER CLOTHING, too! These cups can adapt and suit your style

Noticeable Results Guaranteed!

People will be JEALOUS over your naturally looking busty top! Check out these before and after results of our customers.

 Have We Already Told You That Its Waterproof?

We dare you to test it out on the beach! Can be EASILY WASHED too. Simply wet the adhesive surface with warm water and mild detergent. Air dry then reuse it again without losing the viscosity.

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Perfect With Any Outfit

The FreedomBra™️ is specially designed as a PERFECT SOLUTION for backless or strapless dresses, blouse-shirts, wedding dresses, tops & swimsuits. I
ts strapless and backless design looks great under any outfit without showing side and back bulges. 

Super Simple To Use

Fit tape center to nipples. Stick on breast gently. Pull "Bunny Ears" to lift up breast to higher position. Perfect boobs achieved!
No Matter The Size, We Got You!

Don't worry about straps or adjusting it while dancing! This tape is sweatproof, waterproof and dance-proof.Super-sticky reusable adhesive pads. FITS ALL CUP SIZES. Just choose from the sizes available.

Colors For Every Taste, Fancy Or Plain?

Black, Beige, White Leopard, Brown Leopard, Floral (82% of our customers buy multiple pairs).

✔ Comfortable
✔ Water-resistant
✔ Easy application
✔ PERFECT breast shape
✔ Fits under ANY outfit

Package Includes:
1 x FreedomBra™️ The Invisible Uplift (Pair)
ATTENTION! Because of the viral effect, of the FreedomBra™️ on Facebook, we have only a limited amount of stock available at the moment.